4 September 2011

Kemarin tanggal 3 September adalah ulang tahun salah satu member B2ST, Jang Hyunseung, yang ke 23. Para member B2ST memberi selamat kepadanya melalui Twitter…
Dimulai dari sang Leader, Yoon Doojoon, yang mengucapkan ulang tahun pertama kali,
@BeeeestDJ 횬승장의생일을진심으로축하합니다
@BeeeestDJ Aku benar-benar mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun untuk Jang Hyunseung
Lalu dilanjutkan dengan Joker,
@Joker891219 생일축하한디 장텐츠
@Joker891219 Jangtenzt selamat ulang tahun
@B2stGK 쩐디맨 생일축하염ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@B2stGK Selamat ulang tahun Jjeondiman (Amazing Man)
@beastdw 현숭이형 생일을 축하합니다 쩐디~~~~~~~~~ 나머지촬영화이팅!
@beastdw Selamat ulang tahun yang menakjubkan untuk Jang Hyunseung Hyung~~~~~~~~~Semoga sukses dengan sisa syuting!!!
@helloimys 장현승님 생신 축하드립니다^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㄱㅋㅋ
@helloimys Jang Hyunseungnim Selamat ulang tahun^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄱㄱㅋㅋ
Dan pada kemarin malam, Hyunseung berterimakasih pada semua orang yang telah mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun padanya,
@doublev89축하해주신 소중한beauty,그리고 소중한지인분들 감사합니다 덕분에 즐거운시간보내고있어요 감사합니다
@doublev89Special B2uty yang memberiku selamat, dan orang-orang spesial, terimakasih.
Aku telah mengalami waktu yang menyenangkan terimakasih untuk semuanya
Source : b2st member Twitter
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Sang Leader FT Island mengupload beberapa foto-nya di Kanada…
Pada tanggal 2 September kemarin, Jonghun mengupload selcanya di Kanada…
Berjudul Canada 1day….

dan, pada hari ini, satu jam yang lalu, Jonghun kembali mengupload fotonya…

source : @FtGtJH
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Actor So Ji Sub promises to return to ‘Infinity Challenge’!
On this week’s episode, MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’ continued with the second portion of last week’s ‘So Ji Sub Returns’.
As if getting his face covered with black ink was not enough, So Ji Sub was seen giving his all during the tube pumping competition wearing the show’s trademark white spandex bodysuit and gold cape.
Unlike his nickname, ‘So Gan Ji’ (‘So’ being his last name, ‘Gan Ji’ meaning charismatic in Japanese), So Ji Sub competed fiercely despite ruining his appearance, which made him even more appealing in the viewers’ eyes.

After losing the air pumping competition in a close race, So Ji Sub expressed his regret and his intention to return with the comment, “What a shame. Please call me back again”.
Yoo Jae Suk, receiving a pinky promise from So Ji Sub, quickly brought a close to the show with the statement, “Although this guy isn’t the type to say things he doesn’t mean, he could change his mind if we keep talking, so we need to end this quickly,” bringing laughter to the viewers.
Viewers commented, “It was nice watching him blend in well with the other members and enjoy himself without any aversion to the situation”, “Rather than looking like a mess, he shined even more”, and “Cha Seung Won, So Ji Sub, Jo In Sung special please!” 
Source + Photo: Naver
Via : Allkpop
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Actress Lee Jin revealed recent photos of fellow Fin.K.L member Sung Yuri.
On September 2nd, Lee Jin posted via me2day, “She thinks she’s a model, with the above photo attached.
In the photo, Sung Yuri ‘strikes a pose’ on a stairwell, dressed in a sleeveless white blouse and a black skirt.
Netizens commented, “Her body’s like a model”, “What a cute pose”, “She’s lovely in whatever pose”, “She has a cute, ditsy appeal”.
Source: Newsen via Nate
Via : Allkpop
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On September 3rd, SS501‘s leader Kim Hyun Joong made a special visit to fellow member Kim Kyu Jong‘s rehearsal room for his musical, ‘Goong‘.
Goong’s production company tweeted, “Last night, Hyun Joong-ssi stopped by the rehearsal room for Kyu-Taeja and the ‘Goong’ team. Thank you for the drinks.”
Dressed from head-to-toe in black, Kim Hyun Joong is seen posing comfortably next to Kim Kyu Jong. Despite the poor lighting, their handsome looks still managed to make the photo shine.
Netizens commented, “So handsome”, “I love seeing them together”, “Fighting on the musical!”, and “So much eye candy.”
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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It’s just been reported that Eli sustained a knee injury during rehearsals, and must therefore miss initial comeback activities with the rest of his U-KISS members.
According to U-KISS’s agency, NH Media, the boys were preparing for their first comeback stage when Eli tore a knee muscle during rehearsal.
An associate of NH Media stated, “Eli has been ordered to stay in bed and rest for at least 10 days. We’re planning on going forward with just six members instead.
They added, “The choreography of “Neverland” requires power and technique, so it could have resulted in Eli’s injury. As a result, we’re planning on changing the choreography“.
Meanwhile, U-KISS revealed their new album on the 1st and recorded #1 on album sales chart. They’re slated to have their first comeback performance on the 8th through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.
Source & Photo: Star News via Nate
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3 September 2011

A Twitter conversation between singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin and male idol group TEEN TOP has been attracting a lot of attention.
On September 2nd, Yoon Jong Shin complimented TEEN TOP on their latest song, “Don’t Spray Perfume“. He wrote, “TEEN TOP’s ‘Don’t Spray Perfume’. The lyrics are a unique idea. It’s fresh. The melody’s good, too. But isn’t it okay if one sprays it just a little bit?
His support for the group was further augmented by adding TEEN TOP’s MV link in his tweet.
TEEN TOP responded by saying hello and thanking Yoon Jong Shin for the compliment. “Sunbae-nim~ Hello. I’m TEEN TOP’s L. Joe!! We’re so happy that a great senior singer complimented our song!! We’ll work harder from now on! Thank you”.
Yoon Jong Shin then said, “Nice to meet you… I saw Niel (before) but..”, Niel soon answered with, “Hello sunbae-nim~ I’m by his side right now. I’m Niel~ Thank you for remembering me. Sunbae can just spray perfume lightly. We’ll become a TEEN TOP who tries hard”.
Upon seeing this exchange, netizens commented, “A good example of a warm senior-junior relationship” and “If TEEN TOP tells me to not spray perfume, I definitely won’t spray it all”.
Source & Photo: OSEN via Nate
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2NE1’s Sandara Park recently unveiled a photo that showcased her innocent charm.
On September 3rd, Dara posted on her me2day, “Good morning~ Setting off to Korea, see you later at the Pink Play concert.”
In the selca, Dara is sen with a face completely devoid of makeup. Combined with her casual outfit, the photo carried a natural and effortless effect.
Netizens responded, “It seems like she’ll become the queen of all bare faces”, “Welcome back to Korea”, and “You’re too pretty”.
In related news, 2NE1 successfully kicked off their Japanese debut promotions yesterday by appearing on the music program, ‘Music Station‘.
Source & Photo: TVDaily via Nate

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Singer Lee Hyori admitted that she cried while watching the sci-fi movie, ‘Planet of the Apes‘.
On September 3rd, Lee Hyori tweeted, “Everyone else was enjoying the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ while I was crying. I was a little embarrassed in the theatre. Please tell me that someone else also cried during this movie“.
Replying to Hyori’s honest tweet, netizens wrote, “Tears were streaming down my face too“, “The movie was so touching and enjoyable“, “It was so sad — I was so into the movie” and “You are very emotional“.
Source & Photo: Star News via Naver

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On September 3rd, SISTAR’s Soyu dazzled fans and netizens by sharing adorable selcas of herself through the group’s Twitter.
Soyu wrote, “Good morning!  The weather is fantastic today.  Will everyone have a good weekend for me? Hehe.”
Despite being in SISTAR’s glamorous “So Cool” stage outfit, Soyu makes cute facial expressions for the camera, adding double the charm for her fans.  Her deep collarbones and peek of cleavage adds a touch of sexiness to the photos that definitely stunned her uncle fans.
Netizens commented, “Such a goddess”, “Getting more and more beautiful by the day”, and “The true bagel girl!”
In related news, “So Cool” recently managed to rank in at #2 on Billboard’s K-Pop chart.
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver
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2PM member Nichkhun recently updated his Twitter with a cute baby photo!
Amusingly, he wrote, “I didn’t know I had a twin brother~“, referring to the strange doll sitting beside the baby Nichkhun.
Some of the comments left by netizens include, “This is super cute!“, ”Haha, your twinnie brother’s smile!“, and “Your twin looks so evil…”
Meanwhile, 2PM successfully wrapped up their first concert for the ‘Hands Up Asia Tour’, and will commence with their second concert in Seoul later today at 6PM KST.
Source: Nichkhun’s Twitter

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Fans of Moon Geun Young were bowled over by her dramatic haircut.
Basic House revealed the new photos to promote their F/W collection for their Chinese market. Moon Geun Young exuded a feminine charisma that still retained a slight tomboyish feel. By bringing out carefree, yet compelling expressions unique to her style, the star was able to showcase that she could take on any look with elegance.
Fans commented, “I didn’t realize how feminine short hair could be. It holds a charisma of a different kind,” and “I like the lovely charm unique to Moon Geun Young”.

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On September 2nd, SBS’s new drama ‘The Musical‘ aired its first episode!
The episode introduces the story of ‘Go Eun Bi’ (played by Goo Hye Sun), an honest and hardworking medical student who’s completely in love with musicals. She claims that adding medical terminology into musical numbers makes it easier to memorize them; she also respects top musical actress Bae Kang Hee more than the nobel prize winner Albert Schweitzer.

Eun Bi takes a leave of absence from medical school behind her father’s back, and applies for multiple musical auditions but gets rejected by each one. However, Eun Bi is a girl who does not know how to give up.
Meanwhile, famous composer/musical director Hong Jae Yi (played by Daniel Choi) is a talented and handsome guy, but doesn’t always make a great first impression on people. He is very care-free, has a high level of aesthetic sensitivity, and basically does whatever he wants.
During the episode, Eun Bi and Jae Yi bump into each other several times by coincidence. When Jae Yi happens to hear Eun Bi singing by the Han River one day, he criticizes her singing with the comment, “Hey little lady, you really can’t sing. You’re not supposed to sorrowfully wail that song like that“, and reveals to her that he was the original composer of the song she was singing.
At this, Eun Bi just gives a short laugh and replies, “If you’re Hong Jae Yi, then I’m Bae Kang Hee!”, but Jae Yi leaves her with the warning, “Don’t even dream of becoming a musical actress if you have no talent“.
Fast forward a year later, and we can see that Eun Bi still hasn’t given up on her dream to become a musical actress. When the two characters happen to meet once again, Jae Yi ends up playing the piano for Eun Bi while she sings to his accompaniment, but this time he forms a smile on his face instead of criticizing her, hinting that the two may form an interesting relationship in the future.
Viewers praised Goo Hye Sun’s hidden singing talents and Daniel Choi’s portrayal of a cheerful yet tough character with comments such as, “They really good together“, “I’m looking forward to the acting“, and “‘The Musical’ is really entertaining!”
Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate

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On September 2nd, the South Korean National Soccer Team had their first match against Lebanon for the World Cup Qualifying Series.
During the game, the Lebanon players found it difficult to fend off the attacks from the aggressive Koreans.  South Korea had a solid control over the game and ultimately triumphed with an impressive score of 6-0.
Interestingly enough, After School gave a performance during the halftime event. The Lebanese players were spotted staring at the girls throughout the entire performance, smiling helplessly as the girls rocked out on the field.
The next FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil in 2014.
Source + Photo: OSEN
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On September 3rd, B2ST’s Hyunseung celebrated his 22nd birthday amidst much love from his fellow groupmates and fans.
Starting with Doojoon, the leader wrote through his Twitter, “I’d like to genuinely congratulate the birthday of Hyunseung Jang!” Rapper Junhyung continued, “Happy birthday, Jang Tenz.” Yoseob wrote, “Mr. Jang Hyunseung, congratulations on being born,” while Kikwang smiled, “Happy birthday, amazing man.” Maknae Dongwoon rounded out the tweets by writing, “Hyunsoong hyung, happy birthday!”
Shin Bong Sun and Jung Ga Eun, who worked with the group on their recent recording for their variety show, MBC Every1’s ‘Idol Maid‘, also mentioned that he shared the same birthday as singer Seo In Young.
Hyunseung shyly recorded a video message for Seo In Young, saying “Happy birthday.  Since our birthdays are the same, let’s celebrate together next year.” The video will be shown on September 22nd.
In related news, B2st wrapped up with their ‘United Cube in Japan‘ concert with great fanfare and recently filmed a school uniform CF with girl group A Pink.
Source + Photos: X Sports News, Mydaily via Naver
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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of the Oricon in Japan and the Billboard in the United States.
Check out the chart rankings for the last week of August below!
Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking
1. Leessang – “Turned Off The TV…” – 44,596,963 Points
2. Leessang – “You’re The Answer To A Guy Like Me” – 30,518,168 Points
3. SISTAR – “So Cool” – 25,441,582 Points
4. G.NA – “Top Girl” – 2,598,384 Points
5. Leessang – “Reminiscence” ft. Baek Ji Young – 21,231,331 Points
6. 10cm – “Hug Me” – 19,887,401 Points
7. 2NE1 – “Ugly” – 15,783,317 Points
8. Rain – “Busan Girl” – 15,580,248 Points
9. In Sooni – “Father” – 15,327,415 Points
10. Park Jung Hyun & Kim Bum Soo – “A Scar Deeper Than Love” – 14,799,438 Points

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking
1. Mr. Simple – “Super Junior”
2. Various Artists – “Scent of a Woman OST”
3. T-ara – “Roly Poly in Copacabana”
4. Leessang – “AsuRa BalBalTa”
5. INFINITE – “Over The Top”
6. G.NA – “Top Girl”
7. GD&TOP – “High High”
8. Various Artists – “I Am Melody 2″
9. miss A – “A Class”
10. B2ST – “Fiction and Fact”
Source: Gaon Chart

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On September 2nd, KARA’s Goo Hara shared a gorgeous selca with her fans along with the tweet, “Haha I’m sleepy, good night, oyasumi, Hara says good afternoon, konichiwa“.
Amused by her Japanese, fans complimented the star on how her charms seem to grow by the day. Not only are her mannerisms cute, but she’s also a flawless beauty. Thanks to her lovely makeup and unique top, Hara looks especially feminine in this shot.
Fans commented, “How are you this lovable“, “You look so pretty!”, and “Your beauty is flawless“.
Goo Hara is currently preparing for KARA’s comeback on September 6th, while also completing their other projects.
Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate
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On September 2nd, ‘Beast idols’ 2PM finally held their first concert for their Asia tour, “2PM HANDS UP TOUR CONCERT“!
As they made their entrance on stage, the boys were greeted by the screams of 7,000 fans at Jamsil Gymnasium. Kicking off the concert with “HOT“, they then put on impressive visual stages for ”Electricity” and “Hands Up“, which utilized a glow-in-the-dark concept and a laser show, respectively.
Additionally, the boys brought out charismatic performances of “I Was Crazy About You” and “Tired Of Waiting“. By this point, 2PM successfully heightened the atmosphere in the stadium, and confirmed with fans that they were the best performance group in Korea.
The members’ solo performances especially stood out. Junho and Wooyoung performed “By My Side“, while Chansung showed off his masculine charisma with an aggressive “Revenger” performance. Junsu delivered an emotional live for “Alive“, and Nickhun and Taecyeon performed a duet of “My Valentine“. Fans cheered wildly as they then performed “Itaewon Freedom“, which featured a cameo appearance from singers UV .
With amazing performances, stellar live vocals as well as colorful stages, this 2PM concert made the crowd’s hearts beat with excitement and sheer satisfaction. The concert was applauded as a success, and the boys hope to deliver even better ones for the future stops.
2PM stated with overflowing joy, “We waited patiently and prepared diligently for today, the day we got to meet with our fans. The two hours we spent together was like a happy dream. Armed with the love and energy that fans gave us today, we will show an even better stage for our Asia Tour. For the people who suffered for our fans and our concert, thank you. We will always be a 2PM who tries our best“.
2PM will kick off their Asia Tour with a two-day concert in Seoul on September 2nd and 3rd.They will head to Taiwan for October 8th, Indonesia for November 11th, Singapore for November 19th, Malaysia for November 25th, the Philippines for November 27th, and Beijing for mid-November. In December, 2PM will embark on a nationwide tour in Japan.
Congratulations, 2PM!

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Back on August 22nd, Super Junior’s Shindong revealed to the public that he underwent a cosmetic procedure to obtain double eyelids.
The idol updated his twitter on September 2nd with two new photos to further reveal his eyelids, and to address other concerns brought up by his fans.
Shindong tweeted, “Why are … so many of you asking where I got the double eyelid procedure done and how much it costs?? ㅋㅋㅋ if you truly would like to know then I’ll tell you!! I’ll even help you to the point of getting you a discount!! Would you like me to help??? ㅎㅎㅎ
Netizens whom have viewed the photos left some comments including “I think it looks good,” “You look even better now“, and “I’m still adapting to oppa’s eyes“.
Source: Star News
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Only yesterday, we reported that MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star Season 1 winner, Baek Chung Gang, had dismissed rumors that he would be leaving his mentor Kim Tae Won and his agency, Boohwal Entertainment. But on the same day, Boohwal Entertainment had made an official announcement that Baek Chung Gang would be departing from their agency, causing confusion amongst netizens.
So you can imagine the shock netizens felt upon hearing the news that Baek Chung Gang has since then officially departed from his agency, when he had personally denied the rumors through his me2day the day before.
On September 2nd, Baek Chung Gang and Kim Tae Won both attended a ceremony held in Kyungki-Do, and shared their feelings about the issue.
Kim Tae Won stated, “I am a singer, not a businessman. My student has a chance to grow and develop in a bigger world and under better conditions, so as a teacher I believe that I should be happy for him and let him go.”
Baek Chung Gang also commented, “Although I am leaving my first agency, Kim Tae Won will always be my mentor and teacher.”

So what were the reasons behind Baek Chung Gang deciding to leave Kim Tae Won and Boohwal Entertainment?
Well, first and foremost, Baek Chung Gang wished to expand his career into China — something that Boohwal Entertainment could not easily help him prepare for, since the agency mainly focuses on managing the Boohwal band. Consequently, Baek Chung Gang concluded that it was better for him to join an agency with established ties in the Chinese market.
The second reason is that Baek Chung Gang’s chances of succeeding in the Chinese market are much higher than his chances of making it big in Korea. Korea is currently saturated with talented singers all vying to make it to the top, and so Baek Chung Gang felt it would be difficult for him to break into this market and display his own unique talents.
In China, however, the situation is different. To Korean immigrants living in China, Baek Chung Gang is a symbol of the Korean dream. The singer would have a much higher chance in China of leading a long and successful singing career.
After winning ‘Birth of a Great Star’, Baek Chung Gang currently holds the status of a star in China and is receiving much love from his Chinese fans, as proven by the hundreds of fans that gathered to greet him at his last fan signing event in Yanbian, China.
For the sake of his future singing career, Baek Chung Gang felt he needed to promote in countries outside of Korea, and therefore, leaving Kim Tae Won could be the right step towards preparing his future.
However, the singer disappointed many of his fans when he first denied the rumors, then acknowledged them as being true merely a day later. Baek Chung Gang is a unique figure who could help form a bridge between the cultures of Korea and Yanbian of China, so there is also a need for him to maintain a positive image within Korea.
Source + Photo: TV Daily via Nate, TV Report via Daum
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T-ara’s Hyomin shared a hilarious photo of herself dashing for the bathroom. On September 2nd, Hyomin tweeted, “Where is the bathroom. I’m running as if my feet are on fire“.
The 2-shot picture shows Hyomin rushing down the hallway in an exaggerated manner.
Netizens laughed as they wrote, “A completely honest girl”, She’s running as if her feet are really on fire“, and “This image is really cute“.
Source: Newsen via Nate
Photo: Hyomin’s Twitter
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On September 1st, ELFs around the world bid farewell to Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as he stepped into a four-week training program to kick off his two-year military service.
Recently, pictures of Heechul in his army uniform surfaced online, causing fans to sigh with relief over Heechul’s smooth adjustment. The first picture shows the idol holding up his right hand as he pledges his military oath, while the second picture shows him confidently holding onto a gun, completely focused on his senior’s orders.
Commenting on his enlistment, Heechul expressed, “It’s still a bit unfamiliar, but I had already heard a lot of training stories from member Kang In, so I think I can do well.”
After his four weeks of mandatory training, Heechul will move onto completing 23 months as a public service personnel.
Source: Official Korean Army Recruit Training Center blog
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4minute’s HyunA recently shared a series of photos taken with her fellow 4minute members.
On September 3rd, HyunA tweeted the photo shown above saying, “Po-po-po (kiss)! Giving you eye-smiles ♥^_______^♥”.
In the photo, the adorable 4minute ladies made eye-smiles for the camera while keeping their eyes closed.

HyunA also shared some additional selcas of her cute and bouncy bob, wtweeting “Leaving for Gwangju. I will take a long nap ♥*^^*♥”.
Fans left positive comments like, “You look like a doll!”, “That hairstyle suits you well“, and “The members of 4minute are too cute!“.
What do you guys think of HyunA’s new short hairstyle?

Source + Photos: HyunA’s Twitter
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